Daily Challenge

The first of Daily Challenges started yesterday. The first three will focus on learning your way through the chords of the standard There Will Never Be Another You.  All the challenges have different levels, so do them at your…

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Bitches Brew with Bobby Previte & Charlie Hunter

If you haven't heard Bobby Previte, I urge you to check him out!!! I just had an opportunity to be in Bobby's Voodoo Orchestra along with Charlie Hunter, Bill Stevens and an amazing crew from the Greensboro, North Carolina area…

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Merrickville Jazz Festival - Quartet featuring Kevin Breit

Greg Ritchie on drums, Chris Pond on bass and the one and only Kevin Breit will join me at the Mereickville Jazz Festival to play some jazz, roots style!

Oct 19th at Merickville, ON


Ottawa Jazz Festival Picks

The Jazz Festival is, I believe, one of Ottawa's greatest musical adventures of the year. I am biased of course, but very proud to be part of the team that puts this awesome festival together. The question I get asked…

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April 29th at NAC's Fourth Stage 
Petr Cancura - woodwinds 
Jesse Zubot - violin & electronics 
Jean Martin - drums & electronics 
Gord Grdina - guitar 

A reminder about a very special show coming up this Sunday! 

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Generation NOW at NAC on sale now!

NAC - Studio March 13th, 2018

Generation NOW with

Petr Cancura - saxophones
Michael Blake - saxophones
Rebecca Hennessy - trumpet
Marianne Trudel - piano
Remi-Jean Leblanc - bass
Greg Ritchie - drums

The creative drive that…

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Walkin' With Mr PC at Bar Robo this Sunday

Walkin’ With Mr PC 

Inspired by the New Orleans Rock and Roll legend Lee Allen, Walkin’ With Mr. PC is like an early R&B band lead by a saxophone! Petr Cancura is an aficionado of crossing roots music and…

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