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May 14-15-16 live recording

On The One Music, Greensboro, NC


Ottawa Jazz Festival Picks 

The Jazz Festival is, I believe, one of Ottawa's greatest musical adventures of the year. I am biased of course, but very proud to be part of the team that puts this awesome festival together. The question I get asked most is "what are some of the artists that I should go see?". Great question! One of my favourite things is the way a lot of groups intersect and sometimes you have to dig beneath the surface to realize a certain group is packed with superstars in their particular genre. 

So in response, and…

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April 29th at NAC's Fourth Stage 
Petr Cancura - woodwinds 
Jesse Zubot - violin & electronics 
Jean Martin - drums & electronics 
Gord Grdina - guitar 

A reminder about a very special show coming up this Sunday! 

Songs of tales is about telling musical stories. The four musicians here have been carefully chosen for the way they open up their souls and tell riveting musical stories. Rooted in songs, inspired by an orchestral sensibility and improvisation, creates an unforgettable musical…

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Generation NOW at NAC on sale now! 

NAC - Studio March 13th, 2018

Generation NOW with

Petr Cancura - saxophones
Michael Blake - saxophones
Rebecca Hennessy - trumpet
Marianne Trudel - piano
Remi-Jean Leblanc - bass
Greg Ritchie - drums

The creative drive that spawns unique musical voices are the lifeblood of the Canadian Jazz Scene! Generation NOW features some of today’s most important Canadian jazz musicians. This group is carefully assembled to create a band that will not only relish in great time feel, but give you, the listener, a canvas…

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Walkin' With Mr PC at Bar Robo this Sunday 

Walkin’ With Mr PC 

Inspired by the New Orleans Rock and Roll legend Lee Allen, Walkin’ With Mr. PC is like an early R&B band lead by a saxophone! Petr Cancura is an aficionado of crossing roots music and jazz, this is a hybrid of jazz and early Rock and Roll… a modern soundtrack remix of instrumental rockabilly. Cancura, known for projects such as Down Home (a mix of Mississippi and Jazz) has played with the likes of Danilo Perez, The Ghost Train Orchestra and Joe Morris. 

Walkin’ With Mr. PC features

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Recording Studio - Down Home

Ghost Train Orchestra solo

Down Home live at Barbes